This Side of the Sun


“Progress is man’s indifference to the lessons of history.”

— Len Deighton









This is the contrasting story of two secret agents called Honey & Maximum. Different schools & origins in the clandestine world of brain parasites. The KGB daughters kill doubtful passengers. Had the President the hunter’s fortune & professionalism to go for the jugular he’d continue this feverish journey with the Moderns of the Kremlin. But the President walked out on his wife & that little something was going to reflect his compelling reading experience & his proxy wars. Dangerous forays into common battle ground. But along with it the criminal forests and savannahs of Central Washington blitzed an empire that flourished on child labor. The Trans-Siberian Express left the small jet-set jungles – & on top of the empire was the powerful Ma Moscow carrying the most closely guarded business secret in the world…













The Billion Dollar Brain starring Michael Caine – Opening Titles (1967)


Peter Bies © 2011





Dream Colors #2


“You are receiving this broadcast in order to alter the events you are seeing. Our technology has not developed a transmitter strong enough to reach your conscious state of awareness but this is not a dream. You are seeing what is actually occuring for the purpose of causality violation.”

John Carpenter, Prince of Darkness (1987)









cut to/


A Victorian draper’s shop.

The athletic Ukrainian shopkeeper scowls at my credentials –

a handful of lipsticks.

Three different shades.

Blue, cherry & chrome.

He’s wearing a neck brace & a stained Everlast tee.

He’s guarding the shelves & boxes of rare fabrics.


“You’re no salesman!” 

“We’re college girls. Show me the fabric!”


The Ukrainian spreads out a couple of yards.

The fabric is liquid, viscous, changing its color –

from brass to black to claret back to brass.

I pick up a pair of scissors & start cutting.

I’m cutting too deep, too wide.

The fabric is bristling with static, as if in pain. 

I’m killing the fabric. 


The Ukrainian decides it’s time to push the button.

Missile launch.

Straight into high orbit. 


The International Space Station explodes silently

& in slow motion.


The 2nd missile is aimed at The Wheel in Space from  2001 –

A Space Odyssey.


But Phase Girl & The Handsome Kid have come to the rescue.

In the hangar of The Wheel in Space, there’s a big pile of antique TV sets in wooden cabinets.

Phase Girl & The Handsome Kid start smashing TV tubes with crowbars & hammers.


Now Phase Girl is drilling a hole in a big baroque 1962 RCA.

The tube implodes with a soft shloop!

Once the last tube’s imploded, the impending impact is deflected.

The harmless missile swerves shakily around the perimeter of the Wheel in Space.


Then it’s gone.

Lost in the void.

I am waking up,

& the world is safe again.













John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness (1987) – Dream Sequences


Peter Bies © 2011





Dream Colors


“This is not a dream… not a dream! We are using your brain’s electrical system as a receiver. We are unable to transmit through conscious neural interference. You are receiving this broadcast as a dream.”

— John Carpenter, Prince of Darkness (1987) 







Sunday, 9 July 2011:


Rue Suzette, Quartier La Redoute.

A maze of stalls & booths – the souk.

Monsoon clouds & a steel grey sky.


Incense, spice &  perfumes.

Bootleg  games & videos.

Charcoal barbecue.

Posters & banners.

Clothes & pottery.

Drink & food.

Cheap tools.


I’m smoking a black cheroot thru a clarinet.

The clarinet’s sentient & made of mahogany.

A deep, rich red with ivory fittings.

“You have to carry it in your armpit.”

The Phase Girl is watching me from the arcades.

She’s wearing a blue summer dress.

“Like a calumet?”


cut to/


I’m passing the kebab stand for the 2nd time.

The Greek is cleaning the chip pan.

The Greek’s looking me in the eyes.

He’s slowly counting to ten. 



cut to/


I’m rummaging through the Asian gift shop.

The Handsome Kid in the folding chair is irritated.


“English, German. French & some Russian. Phœnician?”

The Phase Girl’s back at the cash register.

She’s wearing a rose summer dress.

“Stress code in the 5th grade.”

The Phase Girl’s handing me a handful of lipsticks.

Three different shades – blue, dew & chrome.

“Don’t tell anybody!”

“You’ll catch a cold in that dress.”

It is raining now.

Cold wind ruffling the hem of her dress.







(to be continued)







“The archetype is a force!” 

Carl Gustav Jung speaks on falling in love at first sight:


Peter Bies © 2011




The Last Words of Dutch Schultz – 7th Take


Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible does not show us. This interest can take the form of a quite intense feeling, a sort of conflict, one might say, between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present.

— René Magritte








Break the ring & give it a try! The plight is the path. Be the beneficiary! A million & this life check here. Get your onions up & shoot! Count me in, doll mother! Do tricks! Everyone owes you. Week of the bee tear & you don’t want only ten a month. Who needs guilt coupons that are out of tune & keep fighting over control? My truce flag settles it. Harass myself to know who’s best. Eat something! I am doll mother & what you eat speaks for me. 













Miles Davis Quintet – Agitation (1967)


Peter Bies © 2011




The Last Words of Dutch Schultz – 6th Take


“The CIA and the Mafia are in cahoots.”

— Allen Ginsberg








I think this will do. Just don’t ask me. I don’t want harmony. Want a thousand km. I did go there. Look out for doll mother. Sometimes she want golden eye. I meant well, but shooting is a bit of a fight. No business, no you trying. Please shift me! Police me! Bad stuff & those dirty rats in two outpardon me. How many? Two & a half. But the seven days ate it up.












Miles Davis Quintet – Footprints (1967)


Peter Bies © 2011 



Another Dream of Water #2


All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.”

— Jack Kerouac







cut to/


Sebastian’s hippie pad.

Red lights. Dark wood.


There’s Sebastian & The Austrian In The Wheelchair.

Smoking a big phallic doobie now like a Cuban cigar.

“It’s pure Tetrahydrocannabylene!”





Thing comes in a printed silver wrapper,

complete with joss sticks & incense cones.

“Prefab. It’s an Amsterdam hippie special.”


The Austrian In The Wheelchair is wearing a psychedelic tee.

It’s a Procol Harum promo tee.

Six musicians & the tour dates.

The Austrian’s tugging at his tee. 

“I’ve been there. One of them is a murderer”

“I know. Keith Relph.”

“She shot somebody.”

I want to leave the room now but I stumble over the motorboat.


Sebastian is smiling but he never speaks.

A dark figure lurking behind the curtain.

The Rottweiler? No, just Sebastian’s cat.


Sebastian’s mom appears & produces a black witch’s broom.


The cat jumps on the bed & tries to hide under the blanket.

“Rusalka’s been outside. She’s not supposed to sleep in bed.”


“She loves water.”

 But the cat’s fast asleep & I wake up.














Roy Orbison – In Dreams (1960)


Peter Bies © 2011