Dream Report

The beautiful is always bizarre.

— Baudelaire






Thursday, 22 February 2011:


I’m a Russian soldier in WW II.

I’m a partisan hiding in the nettles.

There’s Göring in a helicopter.

He’s playing with the pilot stick.

cut to/


I’m flying over rails & clouds;

I’m afraid of the touch-down.

Sudden drop. Falling, falling!

A crash but no impact.

No impact.

cut to/

My comrades & I are hiding in the Pripyat Marshes.

My comrades & I are hiding in Göring’s hunting lodge.

We pee in empty gas cylinders.

I’m reading Fritz the Cat.

cut to/

Class of ’79.

I’m wearing a steel helmet.

Prussian Anne is telling me off.

Asking questions.

She’s my liaison officer.

“Where are you going?”

“To Afghanistan.

“What for?”

“To kill Afghans.”

 She gives me my code number:





(to be continued)








One-hit-wonder The Catch – 25 Years (1983) 



Peter Bies © 2011 




Taking Marinetti Literally


O insensata cura de’ mortali

Quanto son diffetivi sillogismi

Quei che ti fanno in basso batter l’ali * 


— Dante







 man – torpedo boat

woman – harbour

square – funnel

crowd – surge

door – valve 

x + : – = >







* O foolish worries of mortal men,

How flawed is your reasoning

That make you beat your wings in downward flight!






Cocteau Twins – Song to the Siren (1983) 



Peter Bies © 2011




Großes Kopfkino!

Kunst entsteht nicht, man muß sie machen.

— Gottfried Benn







                           Neon & Asphalt

& die Irrenanstalt,

& der graue Geruch alter Bücher.


Die Zeit & der Raum.

Mein Tod & dein Traum.

Zyklothymisch-bekifftes Gekicher.


Deine Haut. Die Gestalt 

deines Schweigens.


Dit DAH dah/ dit DAH dah/ dit DAH dah.

       . – –                       . – –                       . – –


verwehter Lust

spröde Schatten













Play it LOUD! 

Kraftwerk – Radioaktivität (1991 Remix) 


Kraftwerk – Radioaktivität (1978)

YouTube – Kraftwerk – Radioaktivität


Peter Bies © 2011



The Last Words of Dutch Schultz


 The meaning of  “mañana” is “Wait until the signs are right.”

— William S. Burrough







Trouble & the Id is confused & is a plaintiff & heh? In with the better job! Police are never double-checked & pull for hangout; no defendant.  Eye trouble & I broke near. It will be checked & happens off & says you  are not two ones. Give what you pick up says the doll. A throw-up  won’t know. Put me in that room! The One gives consideration. Do that  & we will hear. Wild & good ahead of that control save a dash. We’ re  in. Please do it for me. You scare its you. He was a cowboy. You pick me  up now. Please, all in… 










Industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle’s Hamburger Lady (1979) 



Peter Bies © 2011


TV Transkript

“Die Wahrheit ist dem Menschen zumutbar.”

— Ingeborg Bachmann








“Er ist hier – ich spüre es!”

“Mein Gott – er hat schon wieder getötet!”

“Wie spät ist es?”

“Da war ein Gesicht vor dem Fenster!”

“Sei vorsichtig!”

 “Wird schon schief gehen, Mutter!”


  “Vizir wirkt direkt am Fleck!”


 “Ich find’s toll – wird richtig sauber!”


 “Ist ja auch gut für die Umwelt!”



“Dann geh doch!”

“Ich kann dich nicht gehen lassen!”

“Ich muß dich unbedingt sehen!”

“Ich hab kein gutes Geschäft gemacht.”

“Die Männer sind alle Verbrecher!”

“Aber üben Sie äußerste Zurückhaltung!”



“Wer Australien erlebt, hat echt was erlebt!”

“Der Duft weitgehend von Reizstoffen befreit!”













Arno Steffen – Alles supergut, ne? (1984) 



Peter Bies © 2011



Alien Orphan #5


 “In a real dark night of the soul it is always three o’clock in the morning.”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald







Peripheral vision & pseudo-knowledge of the future.

Different theories of what natural tolerance implied:

I realize I just needed a good deal of it before take-off.


Before activating the prayer capsule. 

Just a heartbeat idea of what it feels,

Taking some kind of solid time drug.


Reboot the core,

Launch a probe –

T minus nought!


Still I hear faint voices.

I can barely remember.

I fear for my mom unit.


I’m only dysphoria & impaired speech.

So I try & concentrate on the off cycle:

The shadows! – Why am I here again?












Bauhaus – The Passion of Lovers (1981)



Peter Bies © 2011