Diegetic 21st Century Be-Bop

No place is boring if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film. — Robert Adams




& decade hippie quest goes seeking mother-love on psychic journeys/ chemical selfhood tradition/ in deconstructing what society had constructed/ rampant search for religious mainstream roots/ pursuit of profit structure/ ancient young seeker/ insert IV needle of fatuous & consumptive love: this is notions of God! so I dreamt & poppped 2 generic oblongs/ this place is inhabited by those who won’t be able to explain anything if eye warnings begin two experience white hot audio beds & I felt I had to see this! – – –





Peter Bies © 2010


A Mild Synaptic Tingling

“I order things in accordance with my passions.” 

— Pablo Picasso




but wait, time was endways & sensation became

imagination & faded to a mild synaptic tingling/

became yet obliterated but was being torn about

& being answered aware by reality conversion &

someone cave in before I roll off point of essence/

& whole hallucinations sway to a molecular wait

stalking new questions, old answers…/




& I still had a part of it at 1 time end

where I flipped head/ & what about

1 high becoming softer to the touch? 

attitude switch talking two brains

so trip reality time function would

transepitomize myself kind of easy

so weed on the phone for a minute

drop from the peak next to nothing –

voice synapse in abrupt half levels:

it all felt so stuck – – – !









Peter Bies © 2010




Oz of Strong Fungus

PARSIFAL: I move only a little, yet already I seem to have gone far.

GURNEMANZ: You see, my son, here time turns into space.

 — Richard Wagner, Parsifal




I keep seeing a flash –

a long term memory scene

like a 1000 clicks down into

a subcon search for image –

blind eyes reach

multiple insight –

& the Mad Poet cried:




To see what eye was seeing!

So real!

So real eye but hit my head!

Extreme her section of the earth!

Open crawling visuals everywhere!

Strange repetitive humming!

Start melting into cool!

Nausea due to orbit eye & time effect!

Time totally didn’t matter!

Be there with me and done!

I was out with the waves!

I was all Oz of Strong Fungus!

I kept trancing out!

Moving my body more!

Move say, a quarter thought!

A quarter thought of she-reference!

She-reference to actual existing time!

Anytime eye she-galaxy!

I was flying dizzy!

Create a wave particle!

Go fly around!

In earth trip noise effects!

Go! Go!









Peter Bies © 2010




“Time forks perpetually towards innumerable futures.”

— Jorge Luis Borges




future science do justice to man!

& his eclectic head film noirs/

o coy amygdaloid glory!




after ten thousand orbits

in empathic coma/

we’ll win them over/

our uncouth alien

soul dwellers




as lodestone summer soldiers/

in torment/

try to blot out

perfunctory ghost wars of the mind/

in hypomanic thrust




those slugs & toads went raw

like damp new blood –

fresh wounds form nucleus of dynamic resolve!

like nodal points/

of no return




like isolated black figures/

in empty streets/

all shiny & crisp at the edges/

absently pre-psychotic – :




 cut to/

clear picture of changeable face –

& in the silent shadow

your modular smile – – –








Peter Bies © 2010



Walking in the Rain


Where Doorman’s Way meets Fruit Alley…




Walking down the street
Kicking cans
Looking at the billboard
Also ran
Summing up the people
Checking out the race
Doing what I’m doing
Feeling out of place

Walking, walking in the rain




Feeling like a woman
Looking like a man
Sounding like a no-no
Make it when I can
Whistling in the darkness
Shining in the light
Coming to conclusion
Right is might is tight

Walking, walking in the rain




Come in all you jesters
Enter all you fools
Sit down no-no
Ogre, ghouls
Trip the light fantastic
Dance the swivel hips
Coming to conclusion
Button up your lips

Walking, walking in the rain




Walking, walking in the rain
Walking, walking in the rain





Flash & the Pan: Walking in the Rain (1979)



Photography: Peter Bies © 2010


Head Film Noir #5

“To the student of the myth the important general conclusion of psychoanlysis is that the artist and the neurotic and the dreamer have much in common both with one another and with the primitive magico-mythical psychology.”

— Richard Chase, Quest for Myth (1949)




the actors start speaking when I turn my head/

I remember the bad times & the fun & the sky/ 

I’m sweating & I feel sick/ but it seems to help/

my eyes are very heavy & especially sensitive/

to abrupt segues/ & many mother come down/

& I can pretend to be them for a few minutes/

I have to cat grin like a black hole & still a few

hours/ crawling on me/ & I feel the darkness/

squeezing me/ so eye the bug again/ & repeat/

I scurry into the pillow/ to datewatch comedy/

the bed seems to stretch/ as I shallow & tense/

grey mirror/ black bridge/ shallow canals – – – –








Peter Bies © 2010



Blue Midnight

(From Dissociative Fugue #2)

“I was the victim of a series of accidents.”

— Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan




Television, at low doses

around midnight

& it is only my heart.

I worry.

I am.

The shadow people are not something new.

Bubbling slowly,

the movie’s become extremely oblique.

I felt I had to see this.

How do I take it?

I wonder.

Is this – knowing my body?

My body, it feels that very vein.

& then a movement – no –

another attempt to get up

& everytime I 2nd – guess

will you see through this?








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Peter Bies © 2010