Dream State


“Never argue with the movies.”

– Frank O’Hara










I am the sunny child.                        


I am the rainy marble.


I’m chasing silverfish. 



I am the winged ship. 


I am the north & south.


I’m ringing bells of bone. 



I am dark brows. 


I am again & again.


I’m crossing the river. 



Again & again.   











(Illustration: Jochen Hein & Peter Bies)    




Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine (1967) 



Peter Bies © 2012





False Awakening

“In dreams begin responsibilities.”                     

 – William Butler Yeats                     










initial course:                   

bone clocks afloat                    

in nacreous troposphere –                    

cast-iron girders reek of rust                   

(helis a-chop-chop-chopping…)                    



plot course to cold ecstasy:                  

in life, in life,  the misty tribe                  

lie low!                   

lie low! the lay’s proleptic dream:                  

a thorn-crowned mainframe bleeding                  



And the Mad Poet cried: 



“Nightmare like beauty

of the catatonia bees – you    

swarm & squirm & opalize!                

Now gel into a mushroom cloud!                


                                 (Hear ancient bow collectors sizzle!)” 







Scenes from Douglas Trumbull’s Brainstorm (1983)



Peter Bies © 2012