Merger with the Shadow – Part Three

“Fire is a perfect poet.”

Edgar Saltus


speak: tactical monolog 

lose wait

correct the timing of lies

split the day 

& finding & reading ate

bone clocks

to own a world in prose 

become yr/own

secret world pure flesh 

& poets blow 

technique of loneliness

better parents 

first critic’s fear of life

shivering angel 

emblazoned in no time

but form



Merger with the Shadow – Part Two

“The valleys have their imbeciles; it is from the mountains the poet and madman come.”
– Edgar Saltus

retune your eyes – ignore

limbic drive early fixation!

drunk recollections drown 

drowning forever in word  

dreaming off precious fear 

& torture my self-image &

migratory letters swerve for

bees house daily bottom tic 

dreaming first day deviation –

a blow upon my bleak house

deference a chink in my armour

in middle shiver movie time –

deft scribble pithy monolog! 

tomorrow poetry police own, 

recognize & denounce my myth






Peter Bies © 2014


Merger with the Shadow

“Beloved imagination, what I most like in you is your unsparing quality.”

– André Breton, Manifesto of Surrealism (1924)





black pit red lite open eyes
time to punish y/r disciples:
unspeakable mysteries
of the antithetical flesh —
frantic mode rage of society

maze mind the old & open
& upon the 6th listening
u sell y/r space-time elsewhere:
dream up the shape of
the liquid flesh!

true knowledge from
a merger w/the shadow
a blow to your head –
visceral dreaming
of the knot world! 


 & the Mad Poet cried:


Read me angel & remove
the guilty knowledge of my sins –
my craven crime & desire!

Read my leehead like & wholesale!
Ourselves revise the coming time –
blood contact vision in deviant eyes!



Peter Bies © 2014

Kleine Vollmondseele

Man sieht, was man am besten aus sich sehen kann.” 

– Carl Gustav Jung




kleine vollmondseele träumt

hat den tag



kleine vollmondseele wächst

hat deine träume



über vollmondseele lacht

wer dich träumt

in der nacht



Peter Bies © 2014


Sechs Zeilen für Doktor Benn


“Im Schlafe und Traume machen wir das ganze Pensum früheren Menschentums durch.”

– Nietzsche



         Das Messer,

                            der Krieg –

         die Drogen,

                            der Sieg –

         die Schauer,

                            die Zeit –

         gelebtes Vergessen:

         – Welt-Einsamkeit!






                          Peter Bies © 2014

What Games to Play

“It is a difficult business, no doubt, to get any fun out of existence; but at least it is not impossible.”

– Aleister Crowley


A voice floated down to me.

“Let’s decide what games to play

& how to settle arguments.”

“Come to pay me.”

“My honour.”

Something patted me on the shoulder.

“I can tell you secrets.”

Remembering the old ways,

I’d go for my own kin.

“I hate spiders.”






Peter Bies © 2014


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