New Features!


We haven’t been lazy the last couple of days and just have released some more features for you:





We implemented a public tagging system, making this practice even more effective by allowing everyone to add tags to artworks! Simply click the ‘add tags’ symbol next to the tags of an artwork, enter your keywords – that’s it!




2. UPLOAD / WORK BOX –              



We have expanded the Upload Box into a ‘Work Box’, enabling you to edit information on many images at once – this will save you some valuable time.







A new info on all images appears: Next to the comments and number of favourites, the number of views are being displayed for your pictures in the MyDoxa area.



Enjoy and let us know what you think!


All the best,





Hi everybody and welcome to our ARTDOXA Blog. Here, we will keep you updated on our latest activities and developments as well as share our impressions from the artworld with you.


As you all have noticed, our little relaunch has been deployed and everything went very smoothly. Thank you all for your great feedback, we are glad that you like the new version of our site. Should you have any questions or experience any difficulties, please contact us – we will be glad to help. 


We will post news soon, introducing even more new features…