Another Dream of Water #2


All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.”

— Jack Kerouac







cut to/


Sebastian’s hippie pad.

Red lights. Dark wood.


There’s Sebastian & The Austrian In The Wheelchair.

Smoking a big phallic doobie now like a Cuban cigar.

“It’s pure Tetrahydrocannabylene!”





Thing comes in a printed silver wrapper,

complete with joss sticks & incense cones.

“Prefab. It’s an Amsterdam hippie special.”


The Austrian In The Wheelchair is wearing a psychedelic tee.

It’s a Procol Harum promo tee.

Six musicians & the tour dates.

The Austrian’s tugging at his tee. 

“I’ve been there. One of them is a murderer”

“I know. Keith Relph.”

“She shot somebody.”

I want to leave the room now but I stumble over the motorboat.


Sebastian is smiling but he never speaks.

A dark figure lurking behind the curtain.

The Rottweiler? No, just Sebastian’s cat.


Sebastian’s mom appears & produces a black witch’s broom.


The cat jumps on the bed & tries to hide under the blanket.

“Rusalka’s been outside. She’s not supposed to sleep in bed.”


“She loves water.”

 But the cat’s fast asleep & I wake up.














Roy Orbison – In Dreams (1960)


Peter Bies © 2011



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