Male Universe

“Let us burn Raphael in the name of our tomorrow!”

— Vladimir Timofeevich Kirillov







Doll Mother’s silent trepidation maintains a wholesome healing distance –

one minor demon tried in vain the flesh computer’s whole black body armor.

Unknown nodal patterns attract the short variety via live transmission… 

but out of the highest motives… flesh computers combine ideal nucleic acids

& instant heart view with electric night mobile & armed atheists pull a heist: 

OPERATION MALE UNIVERSE! Life is variety! – but sex-specific of both distance

& genetic string theory, homeobox trucks had been hiding low for generations,

so turn the table on the demiurg!



And the Mad Poet cried: 


“O Doll Mother! Female universe!

Eat me! With or without cross-dressing!”



(Nearby in the hidden brain factory the cabinet makers keep turning out 

prodigious Elektronengehirns, entirely made of embryonic stem cells,  

as camouflaged surgeons watch cold blood congeal in open vats of steel…)











Garbage – Milk (1995) 

Garbage – Milk – YouTube


Peter Bies © 2012



What is Reality?

 “Things are entirely what they appear to be and behind them… there is nothing.”

— Jean-Paul Sartre, La Nausée (1938)


“Am I dreaming? Am I real? Is this reality? Lalala…!”

— Holger Czukay, Trench Warfare (1982)







Q: What is reality?

A: Going soft & bleeding tears. This smoldering cowboy here had a bad night.


Q: Where is reality?

A: Flagging down the nowhere train. Release me & check the controls!


Q: When is reality?

A: From the a.m. till dawn. Throw the gold ring in the fifth round.


Q: Who is reality?

A: My bespoken flesh. Guilt tripping on my mother’s tears.


Q: Why is reality?

A: Let a million eyes freeze over. Read the guilty ones.












   “Krysmopompas!” – Scenes from Wolfgang Gremm’s Kamikaze 1989 (1982


Peter Bies © 2012



My Brain Woke Up

  “Goal is not to have a goal.”                 


— John Cage  








29 Jan 2099          



Far above, the wind was roaring –

doll mother did it with the blonde.

I knew all about their secret.

Must make it work the water.

I remember the furious wind

that changed the sea.

I jumped up & ran out.

Still they kept crying.

The bloody fools.

Been sitting there gawping.

Sit there.

And I had to wait there &

my brain woke up to the fact

& started yelling,


“Doll mother can’t leave now!”


I knew all about the secret.

Must make it work the water. 




Everyone gasped in surprise. 

Stone currents change.

I saw the mark of the blue jewel

with fire in its heart.

Far above, the wind was roaring.  













Dies Irae – The Trip (1971)


Peter Bies © 2012



Electric Eye of God


“Stör ma nich! Ick dichte.” 

 — Georg Heym








Part glandular hypertrophy & hospital nutrients,

part  identical synthetic twin table dancers,

mutant offspring of applied genetic string theory

monitor-optimize plastic sealed electric Eye of God – – – ! 





And the Mad Poet cried:    




Das Ende der Geschichte! Das Ende der Zeit!

Eins sind das Jetzt und die Ewigkeit!

Das Opium, Milchstraßen & the unruly sun!

As if it’s been painted while the color has run!

Metaphysical rhythm  – the umbilical froze!

Prodigious bullroarer & profound repose!

Ach! Ich erinnere meinen Traum!

Muss mich erinnern! Erinnern!

Gravity pulls me back down! 

Ich erinnere mich!

Ich erinnere…!


… ! 








Beauty and the beast… Serge Gainsbourg & France Gall – Les Sucettes (1967)


Peter Bies © 2012