This Side of the Sun


“Progress is man’s indifference to the lessons of history.”

— Len Deighton









This is the contrasting story of two secret agents called Honey & Maximum. Different schools & origins in the clandestine world of brain parasites. The KGB daughters kill doubtful passengers. Had the President the hunter’s fortune & professionalism to go for the jugular he’d continue this feverish journey with the Moderns of the Kremlin. But the President walked out on his wife & that little something was going to reflect his compelling reading experience & his proxy wars. Dangerous forays into common battle ground. But along with it the criminal forests and savannahs of Central Washington blitzed an empire that flourished on child labor. The Trans-Siberian Express left the small jet-set jungles – & on top of the empire was the powerful Ma Moscow carrying the most closely guarded business secret in the world…













The Billion Dollar Brain starring Michael Caine – Opening Titles (1967)


Peter Bies © 2011





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