Cadeaux #11


“Don’t think, but look!”   – Ludwig Wittgenstein


“I’m sure I’m going to look in the mirror and see no one, nothing.”  – Andy Warhol  











XX. For Andy Warhol 



Mind the hair!


You & I making a beeline

in space & appearance –

for Andy in the mirror:

for objects, spots & image –




“Beliefs are relegates, & empty, empty, see?”                

“But you’ re a victim, see? The assault of reality?” 




Days surface, then nothing.

Empty me instead. Be everyone.

Exposed faces. Exposed looks, naked.

Names vanish. Faces vanish. Surgery. 


Mind the hair!








Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests – Edie Sedgwick (1965)


Peter Bies © 2013