Speed Prose

“I am very much interested in insanes.”            

   – Malcolm Lowry, Under the Volcano               









Significant pretty people fought
over a boatload of covert advantages. There. Indulge in relativity & equally obliging acts of imagination! There. Pay a trifling sum for the setting sun! Judge the doctor’s dose of freedom which originates from a sour source! Partake! Process the rules, not hallucinations! Cold ecstasy was once a weapon. Given a fine, your eyes now feel respect. Not for my madness but for my office: “Experiments are experiments & a sentence is a sentence!” – The sawtooth punishment has to be endured. So spend the time out suffering to discover the quality of freedom – no foolish initiate’s beyond willing erotic effects in the cosmic space-time nexus. Our peers enjoy the deadlocks!












Conrad Veidt in Paul Leni’s The Man Who Laughs (1928) 



Peter Bies © 2012


The Benefits of Madness

A dream jealously guarded : Keep off the Grass. And yet whose unearthly beauty compelled one to say : God forgive me.

 – Malcolm Lowry, Under the Volcano  





Willing a lightyear’s passage by sheer wishful thinking, it’s stunning to feel that rules aren’t real. Take the other in-house drug: some of the Almighty’s love & hate kept killing in an instant. Be him! Indulge in the imitation of Christ! But the disingenious deal is invalid. Why? Surreptitious breach of security. Invading time dwarfs blast the shadow people back to ’82 or even earlier. So, what are the clandestine benefits of unsparing madness? Well, it’s the incarceration of your imagination, of course: “Purchase unique pills now!” Selective self-loathing re-uptake inhibitors. See, time threads given knot quality are about to remain within themselves. Those nodes, they can’t clog up the space drain…












Daevid Allen’s Gong – I Never Glid Before (1973) 



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Poésie concrète


“Mein Gehirn rennt im Kreise herum wie ein Gefangener, der an die Kerkertür haut.” 

– Georg Heym  




Aus den Buchstaben:

    e     i

asdfg jklö



     Gell, Kalle?                 

             Jedes Glas falle! 

             Es gleisse das Eis! 


Gelle, Alkalde! Iss Kassler, Klaas! 

Es fliege das Gas!     


Flagge die Seide!

Es geile die Geige! 

Kai – lege das Ei!


Fege die Fiedel! Disse die Egel!

Siehe, Flegel –  gefesselte Igel!     


Da – das Kliff! Da lief die feile Lilli.                        

             (Feig fiel sie, die gegelte Seele!)













Ihre Kinder – Worte (1971) 



Peter Bies © 2012



Kunstbehauptung vs. Kunstverzicht! ——— Konkrete Poesie!

“Die Einzigartigkeit des Kunstwerks ist identisch mit seinem Eingebettetsein in den Zusammenhang der Tradition.” 

– Walter Benjamin 





    e   i                                                                                                                                     

 asdf  jklö:


Kiki, lade das ideale Fass!                           

Fliese die edle Esse, Affe!

(Es klaffe jedes Asselfell!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Löffle die Galle!              

Fege jede Feige!                                                             

Jage geile Deals! 



Seife die Liege!                         

Feile die Diele!                                                        

Seihe das Siel!      


Öle die Kelle!            

Keile die Kasse!                                                                                                         

(Leide, Jeff, leide!) 




Ilse, sei leise!                                                     

Kleide die Fliege!      

Ja, iss das Aas!         



Sage es, Skalde –                                                                      

elf Gilde-Eide?                                                    

Kiese das Lied!                                                                                                                                          



Ei Laffe! Eile!

Lass’ die Klage –                                     

kill das Leid!                                                                                                                                             



Da! Da! Das Glied!                                                 

Jesses! Lass’ es!








1. Futurologischer Congress – Nur mit Dir (1982) 



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