Art bids us touch and taste and hear and see the world, and shrinks from what Blake calls mathematic form, from every abstract form, from all that is of the brain only.

— William Butler Yeats 








The wee mum waited.


Christmas Eve & cowboy hats. 

Me in the money; & she a riot.

Sure – me friends was trouble,

two to me & a ten up hangout!


Sure, you better listen sometimes.


You do a mother & you trouble the Id-factory.

Doll mother want your eye shot out, say factory.


Doll mother, we was your friends!












Kraftwerk – The Robots (1991)


Peter Bies © 2011



The Wee Mum Waited


“Insanity isn’t based on delusion, it’s based on truth.”

— Colin Wilson, The Glass Cage (1965) 







Big Will shot me up to the anode,

but only 1 shot a night!


Veneer onions dashed, Big Will in pull.


How much better than eyes in the wall!


No stuff & then the nite shift had to wait.


Oh, & eventually something went wrong. 


The wee mum waited.

Will anyone tune in a million?












Blondie – Denis (1979) 

YouTube – Blondie – Denis


Peter Bies © 2011



The Last Words of Dutch Schultz – 4th Take


“The very meaninglessness of life forces man to create his own meaning.”

— Stanley Kubrick 







Doll mother,

you pick me up now.

             I got it from the pot –

it says know nickel.

Will you help me up?


Doll mother

I’m two selves to you.

& I so many bad ones!

Oh, & then she skips

for a better police job.


Doll mother,

you pick me up now.

Don’t no who shot me – 

the plaintiff’s roofing 

a seven days veneer.
















Plastic Bertrand – Ça plane pour moi (1978)


Peter Bies © 2011



The Last Words of Dutch Schultz – 3rd Take


There’s something in the human personality which resents things that are clear, and conversely, something which is attracted to puzzles, enigmas, and allegories.

— Stanley Kubrick 









Oh, mama, mama! & the somewhere of you!

She just pull out & I am all in.

“I want those dirty rats double-checked & edged!”

Cosmic shots to soothe & please. 

Past harmony. Past bliss. 


Oh, mama, mama! & the somewhere of you!

You’re a type! Please put me in that room.

Your defendant, keep him ripe so Don’t-a-days

& they there ten don’t know who’s a habit!

Still don’t want him in the harmony?


Oh, mama, mama! & the somewhere of you!

It’s no use to stage a payoff with no coupons. 

Oh, with him she was a bee. 

Give it to him? do him?

Let me in on the discreet kind of me-control!













Can  – Paperhouse (1972) 


Peter Bies © 2011




Усталость Металла – Metal Fatigue


Art has nothing to do with taste, art is not there to be “tasted”.

— Max Ernst




Let’s kick ass!





Aksiomy tworenya

Nerushimykh osnov

Podvergayut somnyenyu

Povyelityeli snov

I titan zarzhaveyot

Yego vyetrom razveyot





 Copper sulfate plus ammonium chloride equals massive corrosion!




Plot’ metalla slabey

Plazma krovy moyey

Obrashayetsa v lyod

I metall ustayot







Razum nash prinimayat

Byeskonyechnost’ voiny

A dusha ubyegayet

V tekhnogennye sny







Nitshego nye zhelayem

Glaza zakryvayem







Plot’ metalla slabey

Plazma krovy moyey

Obreshayetsa v lyod

I metall ustayot 





 … that’s more like it…


Dotyanutsa rukami

My do zvyozd nye smogli







slyepymi glazami

Rvy morshin zalyegli

Vsyo naprasno i vryenno

Vsyo stanovitsa tlyegom


…Понижение предела выносливости металла или сплава

При одновременном воздействии циклических напряжений

И коррозионной среды – это…”





 Eto ustalost’ metalla:



Eto ustalost’ metalla!

Eto ustalost’ metalla!


(This is metal fatigue!

This is metal fatigue!) 








Otto Dix – Ustalost’ Metalla (2008)



Photography: Peter Bies © 2011



Körper im Abgang

„Behutsam schließt man die Augen der Toten; ebenso behutsam muss man den Lebenden die Augen öffnen.“

— Jean Cocteau 





Florian Breetzke & Skulpturen-Ensemble The Beauty of Tragedy







Du warst einmal lebendig,

Nachtvogel, schwarz & stumm.

Blinder Spiegel der Seele.

Schau, der Tod im Leben! 

Das Falsche Leben. 

Der Tod des Gefühls. Ja.

Du warst einmal lebendig. 













Guru Guru – Electric Junk (1971) 

Premium krautrock!


Peter Bies © 2010