Under Grey Skies

“Life is an illusion, but an illusion we must take seriously.”

— Aldous Huxley




under grey skies
the lovers hit the shore

while the rain fell dry

with the wind

& the day was dying

grieving, unsafe

blurring at the edges
like a shot

through a cheap wide-angle lens – – –


now the gloom lies heavy

against backlit minds & windows – – –


remembering old times

& idle efforts

I cast a backward glance

across the water








Peter Bies © 2010


Feed My Love, Elaine

Everything, alas, is an abyss, – actions, desires, dreams, Words!

 — Charles Baudelaire






And the Mad Poet cried: 


Feed my love, Elaine,

with your Unreason –

for whose sake I,

your loyal prey,

am more than equal to the task –

& as our kisses scintillate

into the broken yellow night,

the stray surge

of life’s heedless couplings

& the rain continue,

blindly –











Peter Bies © 2010



Life Will Be Born Against The Mist


Time, unfortunately, though it makes animals and vegetables bloom and fade with amazing punctuality, has no such simple effect upon the mind of man.

— Virginia Woolf, Orlando: A Biography (1928)




life will be born against the mist
languidly glittering below the trees
breathing through fangs against the night

where in the end
brother & sister
look for love
in the late light










Peter Bies © 2010


& the rain continues

The painter should not paint what he sees, but what will be seen.

— Paul Valéry, Mauvaises Pensées et Autres




& the rain continues
shifting & silent
in whose icy showers
the lovers look for love in metabolic limbo

making their way
near the grave & humming spirits
empathy is dying
beneath the silent shadow

& a ticking clock of bones
they caress bitter leeches
below the water
& under the waking willows








Peter Bies © 2010


Lapse of Time and Meaning

“On ne peut oublier le temps qu’en s’en servant.”

(One can only forget about time by making use of it.)

— Charles Baudelaire




time proper

& time universal

time leaps & jerks

time moves in circles

time does not flow evenly

time runs sometimes slower

and time sometimes runs faster





cyclic time

successive time

there’s a lucky time

& there’s an unlucky time

congruous & coextensive time

disruptive & discontinuous time




lapse of time

times overlap

or there may be

between them gaps

sometimes there is no time

sometimes there’s more than one




time happens when something happens

time happens after actions stop

time contracts and expands:

& my mind is drifting in a

time world of its

own as time is

ever reborn a

fresh now

at every








Peter Bies © 2010


Into the Radiowave


“The end is the beginning.” — Heraclitus







white noise of


dying brainwaves


echo from my grave/

languid neon halos


of 22 degrees


warming my frozen cortex


on a cold broken plain/




stone surge down


the contact & into


the radiowave – – –


(static pop & crackle)

“Hi there!”













Peter Bies © 2010


Tonndorf Transfer

“Don’t do your ideas – everybody’s got those – let the ideas do you …”

— Bob Dylan, Tarantula (1966)



be transparent! the clouds

are running misty on the shadows
I smell fluorescent menace on the wind

backlit & gloomy

I hear the music of decay

I feel humming brains about the coming rain

I hobnob with big delusions near the dump




nothing to lose
for such a man

but to leave home

with the sun still on his face

& no way out

trying to remember

how the twilight will die

greying unsafe
over the horizon
& how the wary thought

will dissappear




I taste cold rust on the wind

never wasting

a backward glance

I take no cover

in the rain









Peter Bies © 2010