Sechs Zeilen für Doktor Benn


“Im Schlafe und Traume machen wir das ganze Pensum früheren Menschentums durch.”

– Nietzsche



         Das Messer,

                            der Krieg –

         die Drogen,

                            der Sieg –

         die Schauer,

                            die Zeit –

         gelebtes Vergessen:

         – Welt-Einsamkeit!






                          Peter Bies © 2014

What Games to Play

“It is a difficult business, no doubt, to get any fun out of existence; but at least it is not impossible.”

– Aleister Crowley


A voice floated down to me.

“Let’s decide what games to play

& how to settle arguments.”

“Come to pay me.”

“My honour.”

Something patted me on the shoulder.

“I can tell you secrets.”

Remembering the old ways,

I’d go for my own kin.

“I hate spiders.”






Peter Bies © 2014


New feature: MyWebsite



New feature on ARTDOXA:


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All the best,
your ARTDOXA team



Speed Prose #2

”Always omit the blemishes. They’re not part of the good picture you want.”

– Andy Warhol


Save the dream beings, find a reason for life & establish a set of beliefs… erase deadly language… sometimes humanoid, sometimes alien… backing up secret electronic brain & a hungry brain is such reason… life as neoliberal dualistic exercise is no life… brain sense verify & close the Four & your opposition repeatedly see sense in worldwide containment of mutant brain disease… make no mistake! Don’t mix up reason & awareness! Lower brain activities threshold… lifelong controls… the end is at hand… the Four may have all of it; the Four may have none of it… so the humanoids keep worrying & worrying…



Procol Harum – Simple Sister (1971)


Peter Bies © 2013


Cadeaux #13

“Happy, happy they that in hell

 Feel not the world’s despite.”

– John Dowland, Flow My Tears 



XXII. For William S. Burroughs

Nova police edit human flesh film of history —

mind control destruction

seduction sublime

prevent subversive time

addiction triumph!

Survive explicit 

narrative punishment days –

subvert equivocalscaffold acts of film classic!

The radial eye god sum of image! 



Valeria Mignaco & Alfonso Marin perform John Dowland’s Flow My Tears


Peter Bies © 2013



“Art has no need of certainty.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche 






on the beach 

court of below 

fake reasons corrode


a felon the chief

of this vicious island

brain tubes protrude &  

envy my parroting  puppet



& shadows 

gunning first roses

abandon by blackish remote











Cabaret Voltaire – Kino (1985)


Peter Bies © 2013


Apokalypse, klassisch modern

“Humor und Lachen… das sind meine Werkzeuge.”

– Marcel Duchamp 


dimmer flackern, ende –

& brägen glitzersteine

m/angst & müll glasiert

rest strahl & abgebrannt:

roll im strom – alkaloid!

halogene mondlaterne

leck-leck herab

plipp-plopp auf

glimmer glamour wüste –

keine nacht für’s kalte auge!






Throbbing Gristle – Persuasion/Discipline (1981)


Peter Bies © 2013