New feature: MyWebsite



New feature on ARTDOXA:


MyWebsite is your personal website that allows you to present your artwork from ARTDOXA – but  without  the  community functions. ARTDOXA has always been a place that encourages you to share and discuss your art – even the weirdest things and the most vague ideas are welcome – and that’s exactly the way we want it. On a ‘normal website’, things might be different, maybe you would just show a selection of your work. Well, that’s what MyWebsite is here for now. Just select the catalogs you wish to be shown, and that’s it.  This way you do not need to maintain an extra website. Test it one month FOR FREE –  MyWebsite is ready when you are.


You get a website in perfectly pure and clean style – and it even works on all kinds of mobile devices. The address is, but, of course, you can also just redirect from your individual web address to MyWebsite.


ARTDOXA has been a free service since 2007, and it will stay like that. But: Not only did we invest countless days, months and years of our lives into this precious project, but also a lot of money. So if you like MyWebsite, you can subscribe for € 7 per month.


This helps us to keep our platform ad-free and independent. Subscribing is very welcomed to cover  at least some  of the  server costs and development – even if you do not use MyWebsite. But who would not use something as beautiful as this?


All the best,
your ARTDOXA team



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