Mind Control

The unlike is joined together, and from differences result the most beautiful harmony, and all things take place by strife. 

– Heraclitus


Monday, 6 April 2093

Mind control feed froze & secret eye police freeze-dried memory circuit of Frankenstein’s brain as conformist street riots provoke tough legislation & lifelong oversight… but upgraded flesh computers hack Radio Billion for recorded Frankenstein memory…

“Brain activists! – we fought for our freedom! Reason! Science! Radiation games!”  

Check possible genetic tolerance in motionless, sedated populations & try policing indefinite containment of reason… intuitive empathy of live ammo towards live brain tissue equals efficient emotional engineering! Soft-targeting the ultimate flesh computer: 

Remember the sexual arms race & the Alamo! Free prescription drugs NOW!” – – –

Primarily, GOD = POLICE. Better keep quiet now. Contain reason & there’s some change in sight. With or w/out your deadly 3rd eye  & the secret eye police… Reason? BRAIN IT!

And the Mad Poet cried: 

“A full moon mind control can’t grow a soft side to soothe all lifelong limbic agony in flesh computers… ‘lectronic bigotry & hear-say were referred to specialists in those days… technicians of the truth, see? Who am I to question unlimited aesthetic warfare?”

Henceforth, no eyesight injuries for the ultimate flesh computer… conformist rabble-rousers have taken over the city dump & the media: 

“We want justice! Frankenstein’s brain is still kept in CONTAINMENT!” 

Try to reason with such opposition…



New Order live at BBC Radio 1 studios – Blue Monday (1984)



Peter Bies © 2013

Photography by George Shukin

(“ГЕРМАНСКАЯ РАДИОСТАНЦИЯ TORN.FU.G. Обр. 1939 г. В КОМЛЕКТЕ С МАГНИТОФОНОМ TON Sb Основная радиостанция полкового звена управлен”)