Unlocking the Maze #2

“Books are for writing. Do not read anymore books. Everybody can write one little book, and it should be about himself.” 

– Quentin Crisp 






Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Slippery moss-green path going down down down, into the cortical maze & into the damp, dripping darkness… as I’m diving into the adit, a somber procession of clerics materializes out of the blackness – rat-faced Jesuit priests in black robes, lugubrious Dominican inquisitors in b/w habits, majestic purple clad prelates with wide-brimmed hats… trying to avoid them, I stumble upon a heavy sack of golden pomegranates… it occurs to me briefly to nick it, but a Carmelite abbess points out that the sack belongs to me, anyway… “You’ll have to defuse the fruits first, champ!”  The nuns brandish their wooden rosaries. “But it will slow me down! Dad’s still after me!” Before I can make up my mind my cellphone is ringing. I don’t want to wake up yet!













Scenes from Federico Fellini’s Roma (1972) – a decadent clerical fashion show! Enjoy!



Peter Bies © 2012



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