Unlocking the Maze – A Dream

“You got to change your life.”             


– Rainald Goetz, Hirn (1986)               







Tuesday, 8 May 2012


In the basement, behind bars & there’s Doll Mother squatting on the moss green wall-to-wall carpeting, going through my underground poetry books & vibrant psychedelic posters… “Wow! Gasoline & Roger Dean! – “You can’t have them!” / Setting out for analogon quest now, to colonize the sub-surface maze within the cortical motherlode & beyond the byzantine brickwall. Fluorescent eggplant purple steel door & I’m taking off the platinum padlocks ritually. Narrow expressionistic stairs in b/w going deep down into the damp, dripping darkness. Le Père Jouissance – he will be going after me in no time, I know… but I’ve got a head start!               


(to be continued) 











Early Abstractions – short animations by Harry Everett Smith (1923-1991) 



Peter Bies© 2012



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