Mood Poem – April 24, 2012

“A human being is a bad conductor for reality.” 

Paul Reverdy









April eyes, a cold rain                    

& a warm steroid smell:                    


the keyboard                    

the candles                    

the teacup                    

the screen                    


Karelian whisper:                    

“Никогда, никогда…”                    


a window                    

a crow                     

a cloud                    

& a dream                    


your Karelian whisper –                     

“Никогда, никогда…”                 












France Gall – Y’a du soleil à vendre (1968)


First Soviet hydrogen bomb test – Semipalatinsk, 1953


Peter Bies © 2012 



2 thoughts on “Mood Poem – April 24, 2012

  1. I learned the Russian word for “never” thanks to you and Google’s online translator.
    This blog entry is really interesting. Great photos as usual and your poem has a strong mood, sadness? melancholy? Maybe something else more tragic?

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