Cadeaux #6


“The happy ending of the fairy tale, the myth, and the divine comedy of the soul, is to be read, not as a contradiction, but as a transcendence of the universal tragedy of man. The objective world remains what it was, but, because of a shift of emphasis within the subject, is beheld as though transformed.”

– Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces











XIII. For Jim Morrison                      




This morning in July,

comfortably strange

& strangely familiar,    

a conscious reprise            

of what I dreamt            

of last night – 3rd eyes  

keep dreaming of exile

but it is only Day One 







XIV. For John Donne                  



Now your deadline is nigh 

& the saints have left the inn,

mere love’s a lack of saturation – 

fearest thou cold ecstasy?  











Scenes from Neil Jordan’s The Company of Wolves (1984)


Peter Bies © 2012



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