Cadeaux #2 – More Gifts


We only rise from sleep, we only come to dream. It is not true, it is not true, that we come to live on earth.

— Tochihuitzin Coyolchiuhqui (1390 – 1450)










V. For Gottfried Benn  


             rather than a, b, c

& repetitive order              

I am seeing for the 1st time

what this mind has to offer





VI. For Wols 


squiggly symbol

I am invisible

looking at the 

squiggly symbol 

presently it tilts 

(my mother calls)

squiggly symbol





VII. For Ossip Mandelstam 


based on prior experience 

I have doused the chains

so the actual fires were 

a belated goal of experience

death grins at me & blinded

              I feel my way into her realm











F for Fake by Orson Welles (1974) – Chartres 


Peter Bies © 2011 




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