Cadeaux – Gifts


“I have great faith in fools – self-confidence my friends will call it.”

— Edgar Allan Poe 










IFor Rimbaud:                             


I began to notice movements

I’m not sure why I was happy

to watch the fiery falling star

a lifetime and a universe ago    





II. For Manet:     


I feel the first stirrings of something

resembling meaning, figments of my lonely mind –

not all of them, but

they were expected to be at work today  





III. For Utrillo:  


Time to breathe & sober up,

and check my heart rate

for my Maman to believe it – 

I am alive!     





IV. For Baudelaire:  


Rest of the pills

down the drain,

& head back to  

the living lodestone!               













Man Ray’s experimental short film: Return to Reason (Le Retour à la Raison, 1923)


Peter Bies © 2011



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