This Side of the Sun #4

Mars is there, waiting to be reached.

— Buzz Aldrin








June 11, 2094


But at battered New Moscow, those allowed to two from the highest levels mapped the real love jungles of Antarctica.

Four extremist Martian cells. The Moderns of the Kremlin tried the forces in a common law.

They lost no time but couldn’t shut out things.

Martian Liberation Front formerly owned by Al Aswad’s enigmatic partner threw themselves on the cold trail commander.

Todd swore on her life & her loved one’s four terrorist groups visit her in Irish orbit. Sophisticated love of her life there who died hideously.

She made and lost fortunes & helped a dying half German baroness mothering a beautiful half-caste.

Encounters she’d won in a game of craps. Then she’d fallen out with her powerful friend – the Selenite known to her True Family as Al Aswad – & arrived on Mars bankrupt.













Scenes from MGM’s Forbidden Planet (1956),

first entirely electronic film score in movie history (by Louis & Bebe Barron)


Peter Bies © 2011




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