Beast of Experience

“The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghost.”

— Italo Calvino











Mushroom foray into feverish Honey Brook Forest! Forests & mushrooms roll by in b/w…


“Only man two eyes, flatfoot!” So now I’m in for by-product of experience & a lambent lack of hope. Beast of experience watering guarded savannah of the mad poet’s widow… United Fruit Co. try to stop the president’s beauties to no effect. Sisters, Havana is a long shot! Go beauties! Our dangerous journey! Modern America eyes fortune top jugular. Express only! But who called the hunter’s fast around to shop women? “Say it, & I talks to Washington,” carrying the inches square beyond then & Ma’s story continues. Ma kept Abner going guarded:

“Someone kill the smoke beast!”











The Doors – Crawling King Snake (1971)


Peter Bies © 2011



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