A Dream of the Desert


 “Shallow men speak of the past; wise men of the present and fools of the future.”

— Madame du Deffand






Monday, 15 Aug 2011:


Marooned in the desert, east of Las Vegas.

There’s John Wayne & Harvey Keitel,

wearing bolo ties & cowboy boots with silver tips.

“600 miles in both directions?”

“Duke tried to get rid of the money in Las Vegas. He blew it.”

Harvey Keitel is drawing a map in the sand.

“It’s out there. 600 miles into the desert.”

People are watching from parked vans & campers.

“Cut down every tree from here to Alamo!”

A crowd is forming.

“We’d like to have our share.”






 cut to/

High-speed heli flight.

Abandoned farmhouses & gas stations.







cut to/

A derelict Tuscan manor.

In the library, a fireplace of mouldy green marble.

Harvey Keitel’s got Nicholas Cage in a headlock.

“Where’s the key?”

“I have no idea.”

Suddenly the floor dissolves into a soft gel the color of chili con carne.

They’re crashing through the floor.

Into a green marble bathtub.

“I’m drowning. I’m sick of it all.”

“Sick of – what?”

Keitel & Cage are covered from head to toe in chili sauce.

“The bathtub. The fireplace. The linen. The lamb roast.”

“Isn’t is amazing how Scorsese pays attention to every detail?”


(end of dream)











John Lee Hooker – Hobo Blues (1965)



Peter Bies © 2011





One thought on “A Dream of the Desert

  1. Since I take everything written much too literally, I looked up Scorsese, Wayne and Keitel (I forgot about Cage) and came up with “Who’s that Knocking at My Door”.

    This is a very good film and you are quite right, even if John Wayne and Nicholas Cage were no where to be found, every detail in this movie was perfect! I saw it not so long ago and I remember how beautiful all the scenes were and the incredible DETAILS!!!

    welcome back!

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