Another Dream of Water


“With me automaticism is an entranced moment in which the mind accelerates a constant hour of mind-foolery, mind-genius, mind-madness…”

— Gregory Corso







Sunday, 26 June 2011:


Grey chalk sky & I’m at the lonely pier.

There’s Sebastian, swarthy mechanic.

Tie-dyed wife-beater, paisley bandana.


He’s fine-tuning the V8 engine of a hydroplane racer.

Hydroplane all peach & polish like a Packard Clipper.


Now I’m hiding in the water, under the jetty.

I’m hiding from Cato the jealous Rottweiler.

I’m wading through the dark shallow water.


Reaching the opposite shore.

Enter derelict Tuscan manor.

Arches, pillars, flight of steps.


Inside it’s the sixties.

Stark Danish furniture.

Low ceiling.


Panoramic picture windows.

DayGlo posters & lava lamps.

A pantsuited Ray Conniff feel.


I feel at home now. Safe.

Fiddling with the knobs.

Big wall-mounted stereo.

I’m listening to The Tape.

Brian Eno & Jah Wobble


Radio traffic from Mission Control.

Endless loops of soothing tech talk.

Welcome to the Sea of Tranquility.






(to be continued)







T-Total feat. Marc Almond performing Brian Eno’s Baby’s on Fire (2005)


Peter Bies © 2011




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