On the Ward

It has been said of dreams that they are a “controlled psychosis”, or, put another way, a psychosis is a dream breaking through during waking hours. 

— Philip. K. Dick







And the Mad Poet cried: 


I’m reliving a nightmare –

the blackness, the void!

The raging machines

& the grey humanoids!


I see liars, see cowards –

they’re gauging the screw! 

I see a black cauldron

& the sorcerer’s brew!


I’m wading in shards – 

now I’m drinking the swill!

Ribald song & dance

round the moonshine still! 


Hail Cucumber Man! 

& his limp long cucumber!

Hail The Masked Grey Surgeon!

still haunting my slumber!


(here come Cucumber ManThe Masked Grey Surgeon

in his blood-stained rubber apron –

slowly closing in with their cucumbers & pliers…)





(to be continued)








Walter/Wendy Carlos – Title Music from A Clockwork Orange (1971),

based on “Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary”

by Henry Purcell (1659-1695)  



Peter Bies © 2011




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