The Last Words of Dutch Schultz – 2nd Take


“Include utter banalities.”

— Stanley Kubrick 








so is it Grandpa 

who cares about Mama? 

he owe you this?  

no he owe you nothing!

& I wished she knew a 

fast reverse & quick fit 

fast book police/






o Mama! Mama! 

it doesn’t stop! –

how do you know 

you’re through?

done jumpin’ hobo 

didn’t I, John?

thank God! 

you got no cocoa, Henry!

& million sure 

your pocket please/

have you done that? 

been done the night?



still have full moves? 

what I think & furious?

speak that time phrase: 

please help me not make it:

  the me thing











The Honeymoon Killers – Decollage (1982)


Peter Bies © 2011




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