Dream Report #3

“Everybody abstracts a different reality. When you come through a room, you abstract the reality you’re prepared to abstract. You pick up the signals that interest you. Your brain records them and organizes them.”

— Robert Anton Wilson








cut to/

I’m strutting across Grand Central Station.

Everybody shows respect.


I’m hovering over vast alien architecture.

Strange futuristic factories. Huge!

There, I’m reunited with my comrades.

We meet a couple of French hookers.

There’s Michelle. She’s a plain one.

She’s yelling at me. “I don’t want you!”

There’s Augustine, a beauty.

 “You nevair make ze compliments!”, she complains.

“But isn’t that obvious?”, I reply.

cut to/

I’m on the bus to Hoboken Terminal.

There’s going to be breakfast for everybody.

The bully boy shows up again.

Once more he’s threatening to make the call.

I don’t care.

I’ve got a lot of friends here.

I’m discussing literature with Doctor Ralph.

He’s full of praise for the Guinness Book of Records.

Eventually the Russian girl arrives with a blister pack of Prozac.

I wake up.

I remember.

I’m awake now.












The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion (1987) 



Peter Bies © 2011


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