Dream Report #2



“Persona: That which in reality you are not but which yourself as well as others think you are… in dreams it could appear as a scarecrow, a tramp or an empty field.”

— Carl Gustav Jung 








cut to/

NY in the forties, b/w.

There’s this backyard bully.

He’s bullying me now.

Threatening to “make a call” .

Then there’s Nick Nolte impersonating Leslie Nielsen.

Leslie Nielson disguised as a Bowery bum.

He’s wearing a tattered zoot suit.

Now I am yelling, It’s Leslie Nielsen! 

But nobody recognises him because this is the forties.

So Leslie Nielson takes a crap. 

Pink poo.

I cry out, 



Into his bloated plastic bladder!

No, it’s RAVSH! or RAUSH! 

Louder & louder!

I’m screaming!

Screaming at the top of my lungs:




Relief. Elation. 

cut to/


I’m hovering over Battery Park & Governor’s Island.

Big steam liners breathing.






(to be continued)







Prog legend Van der Graaf Generator – Theme One (1971)



Peter Bies © 2011




2 thoughts on “Dream Report #2

  1. Thanks, Marilyn!

    Ambiguity – that’s what poetry is all about, I guess.
    And dream logic is, of course, very ambiguos.

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