Alien Orphan #3


“I threw the urinal in their face and now they come and admire it for its beauty.”

— Marcel Duchamp








I feel a pinch in the making for the shadow

reaching a sphere where humans don’t AM

imaginary things come from blue capsules

sky inhabited by won’t-be-able-to-explain/

footstep like fighting the finish a 2nd time

(I’m not to touch my fingertips or my arm)

surroundings appear bleak & no shadows

shadows? one is very tall & the other part

of the 3rd person, just for a few minutes &

for a few seconds I have to cat grin slowly













The Honeymoon Killers, Route Nationale 7 (1981)


Peter Bies © 2011





2 thoughts on “Alien Orphan #3

  1. Da sieht man doch, dass unscharf ein klareres Bild ergibt: weniger Details, die ablenken vom Eindruck. Und schön polaroidisiert übrigens …

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