Alien Orphan


Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.

— Anaïs Nin








No eyes but I can see.

There’s thousands of minds.

People sharing my vision.

I try reading eyes. 

Floating across my vision.

I desire to speak.

Beeping sound.

I have nauseous but it is not unbearable.

I the drug begin. 

I singing.

I feel very remember.

Feel the darkness squeezing me.

I everything seems little each time.

My heart rate has over.

I feel pleasant tired.

I can feel ants life.

All very cold to the touch.












Fad Gadget: Ricky’s Hand (1980)



Peter Bies © 2011



2 thoughts on “Alien Orphan

  1. I like this poem although I don’t understand it 100%. I like it the way I like abstract visual things. As always I like your photos.

    When I watched the youtube video, I felt relieved that these young skinny guys are in their 50’s now.

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