Pop Ontology

Even sleepers are workers and collaborators on what goes on in the universe.

— Heraclitus










who am I?

what is love?

who do I love?

what do I love?

what do I want?

where am I going?

where do I come from?






who do you ask

& how does it feel?

& what is important?

ask questions, you say, but –

what’s happening to art? but is

ontology a movie’s hero? long fly-by

awful history movie of horror & disaster –

of mind games & terrific dreams/ the human

insect who knows a thing or two at best & the smile

in the Mad Poet’s eyes/ desire convoluted in the skeins

of time & emotion/ years spent in dreams & deep space coma?


Who am I?

Where am I going? 

Where do I come from?












Peter Bies © 2010



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