The Far Side of the World’s Mirror

“I’m a recording instrument… I do not presume to impose “story” “plot” “continuity”… Insofar as I succeed in Direct recording of certain areas of psychic process I may have limited function… I am not an entertainer…”


— William S. Burroughs







hear the snow melt in the sun

voice the synapse in my mind

it’s just a minute drop from the peak

& there’s a friend on the phone

hallucinations tingling where I flipped a shilling

& what about the four ways to a molecular still?

my two brains & all

is more on the level

& apart at one time

to end the attitude of anyhow

more mind-noise spilled over

& engage to copy half an hour

of dreamspeak by malfunction

soft &  tender to the feel

of  four point questions

& warnings on the wind


being answered aware of the ambiguity


of the words

I grind


flying mothballs on the sloping flanks

of my aural bark

flickering shadows across the stage

dull claws scraping Cyclopean walls











Peter Bies © 2010



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