Something That Reflects Our Shame

Poetry restores language by breaking it.

— Michael Cisco






my tongue feels dog/ & I’m not supposed

to scratch now/ I have no desire to speak/

as I try reading the walls like Spiderman/

(he vacuums the shadow people wearing

something that reflects our shame) keep

 seeing in a flash/ ten thousands of years





& I do not want to eat at all, at all!/

body part being touched feel cold

& my tongue has dull yellow eyes

& every third person that speaks

is smoothly raising her inflection

but no eyes –

I cannot see/ I’m alone & I notice

the flora pears to man o’ shadows

one is very tall & the other is part

of my body – it fills that very vein






& I am annoyed/ with float magic!

& I get up/ to parry angst-induced

shame with my tackle & wristpills

are all people like thatnot likely/

only my skin

feels foreign










Peter Bies © 2010



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