A Condition Of The Head

 “Remembering is just a matter of smoothing the transitions.”

— Robert Anton Wilson, Leviathan





wait, before I roll off: sensation became more molecular/ wait, wait! – talking to myself/ the difference became yet obliterated suddenly/ so eye handle eye conversion/ & someone cave in easy to weedtime/ & weedtime would realize that time was endwhere/ so I flipped head and kept talking to me brain/ & my imagination ceased to rile that friend on the phone for a minute or two/  & the attitude felt right/ & the voice was becoming softer but didn’t feel like talking/ the last so perfect to my essence!/ as the four point questions were being answered already/ aware of reality/ the intense voice was answered over & torn about/ & what about that? high, but the drop from peak was still in my level/ it all felt so stuck again!/ creating my whole hallucinations four ways to switch trip reality by the synapse: too abrupt to couple – – –





Peter Bies © 2010



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