Night of the Toadstool

 Owê war sint verswunden alliu mîniu jâr?

 Ist mîn leben mir getroumet oder ist ez wâr? *


— Walther von der Vogelweide 





& when you phase in first your hands & feet will be drifting out of consensus reality, the plot person had said at the beginning of Leaving Las Vegas/ but I know it’s always the amoebas vs. the time dwarfs/ & no matter how hard I strain – they’re impossible to understand/ though my eyes really follow them/ against the walls for a minute or so/ cut to: short term memory scene b/ or some other random scene/ still dehydrated I’m drinking to turn out the ultraviolet lights & the fan/ & eye phase out & I seem to be stuck/ to the bottom of the ocean/ forever & ever – – –  






(*Woe! how all my years have vanished!

Have I just dreamt my life or was it real?) 



Peter Bies © 2010



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