За Волгой земли для нас не было.*

*For us there was no land beyond the Volga.


— Vasiliy Zaytsev





move or run away?/(one girl, believe!)/ I couldn’t!/ I screamed/ I was pinned on reality/ as someone was peeling it from the paper/ the last part left down & smiled back at me/ faced with total time I end existence/ fused with my head discriminant/ surface entity was creeping closer/ this they serve between the rest/ torn this fabric of reality/ meaningless purpose @ the surface of reality/ but wood has no legs or muscles/ pulse merged with non-existence yet remained in total integrity/ mine is one friend/ this is windowsill & the ledge/ the raw content of reality sticker/ how I could feel it pressing me in there!/ & begging for mind-blowing mercy I truly wish to God the back-up of existence/ by some end of the world/ & I felt away – – – 





Peter Bies © 2010



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