A Mild Synaptic Tingling

“I order things in accordance with my passions.” 

— Pablo Picasso




but wait, time was endways & sensation became

imagination & faded to a mild synaptic tingling/

became yet obliterated but was being torn about

& being answered aware by reality conversion &

someone cave in before I roll off point of essence/

& whole hallucinations sway to a molecular wait

stalking new questions, old answers…/




& I still had a part of it at 1 time end

where I flipped head/ & what about

1 high becoming softer to the touch? 

attitude switch talking two brains

so trip reality time function would

transepitomize myself kind of easy

so weed on the phone for a minute

drop from the peak next to nothing –

voice synapse in abrupt half levels:

it all felt so stuck – – – !









Peter Bies © 2010




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