Oz of Strong Fungus

PARSIFAL: I move only a little, yet already I seem to have gone far.

GURNEMANZ: You see, my son, here time turns into space.

 — Richard Wagner, Parsifal




I keep seeing a flash –

a long term memory scene

like a 1000 clicks down into

a subcon search for image –

blind eyes reach

multiple insight –

& the Mad Poet cried:




To see what eye was seeing!

So real!

So real eye but hit my head!

Extreme her section of the earth!

Open crawling visuals everywhere!

Strange repetitive humming!

Start melting into cool!

Nausea due to orbit eye & time effect!

Time totally didn’t matter!

Be there with me and done!

I was out with the waves!

I was all Oz of Strong Fungus!

I kept trancing out!

Moving my body more!

Move say, a quarter thought!

A quarter thought of she-reference!

She-reference to actual existing time!

Anytime eye she-galaxy!

I was flying dizzy!

Create a wave particle!

Go fly around!

In earth trip noise effects!

Go! Go!









Peter Bies © 2010


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