Head Film Noir #5

“To the student of the myth the important general conclusion of psychoanlysis is that the artist and the neurotic and the dreamer have much in common both with one another and with the primitive magico-mythical psychology.”

— Richard Chase, Quest for Myth (1949)




the actors start speaking when I turn my head/

I remember the bad times & the fun & the sky/ 

I’m sweating & I feel sick/ but it seems to help/

my eyes are very heavy & especially sensitive/

to abrupt segues/ & many mother come down/

& I can pretend to be them for a few minutes/

I have to cat grin like a black hole & still a few

hours/ crawling on me/ & I feel the darkness/

squeezing me/ so eye the bug again/ & repeat/

I scurry into the pillow/ to datewatch comedy/

the bed seems to stretch/ as I shallow & tense/

grey mirror/ black bridge/ shallow canals – – – –








Peter Bies © 2010



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