The Rhyme of the Ancient Space Mariner #2

Everyone (at a certain moment) was sound in mind and body.
Repeat this 30 times.

— Tristan Tzara






Todd said, “One of them knows where she was.

Cherenkov-something. Near ground control.

Makes sense. Blokes like that don’t work on jobs.

Not these blokes.”

This time she’s keeping her thought reasonable again:

Todd is an adult. She can look after herself.

And, more than a little crazy, she can taxi in in a few minutes.

Simply that, & a few words. But not Bierce!

She’s counting the days now. Todd unhinged her.

But here was a case of the pins on. Or was it?

The Man wouldn’t like Martians & Todd was one.

What do you care?

But why did The Man upsmile to herself?









Peter Bies © 2010



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