The Lost Metaphor

Latent structure is master of obvious structure. — Heraclitus




trying to recall


a broken promise
trying to remember


the lost metaphor




cold clouds


dull whorls


my fingertips


growing old


in time lapse


while the rain fell


on empty hands


& into brackish water


(walking out of this world:
a phone ringing somewhere)


“Go without luggage!”


& the night will come


glowing in the trees


& I’m talking to empty graves


before the shadows enter




trying to recall
memories of water













Words: Peter Bies © 2010

Photography: Peter Carstens (peckmaster) © 2010


2 thoughts on “The Lost Metaphor

  1. Off the subject of this blog entry for a minute, the comment above is a poem of our time. I remember your product ingredient poems and this reminded me of them. The world is so weird to me. Does anyone actually buy drugs from these messages?

    Anyway, being addicted to reflections in puddles, water and everywhere, and also being preoccupied with time, I really like your poem. The images are very beautiful too.

  2. Hi Marilyn – some of my previous blog entries have received quite a load of spam.
    These messages are not man-made, they’re generated – it’s robot programs searching the net routinely for blank spaces to fill with junk mail.
    Like the comment function of my blog.
    For the time being, I’ve decided not to delete them.
    You’ve recognised clearly the surreal nature of these messages.
    “Soft tabs. Maxaman. Super Active ED Pack.” – pure Dada science fiction!

    Time and reflection – that’s a nice title.
    Thanks again for your inspirational feedback!

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