A Dry Steady Wind

 Insane people – psychologically defined, not legally defined – are not in touch with reality.

— Philip K. Dick, Valis





big leeches near the sea & quiet hooks on the flock/

& clouded grieving brilliant brains away from home:

no way out of this opaque & intangible b/w dream/

where I know no-one/ life is fleeing sinister & low/

quaking against a huge sky & meaning/ old shiva!

find the road back glowing rats below the towers!

& icons in the fire battle tiny globes/ draw peaceful

eye before the sky stone dream-like hands among

the clouds dry stroke the sirens/ over reek of dank

demons dark & tiny in the slime/ lustful eruptions

of electric animals/ crying eyeless/ & I forgot to go

home & listened to the whisper of a dry steady wind – 









Peter Bies © 2010



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