Spectres of Prozac ®

“It slaked no thirst to say what love was like which came too late.”

— Malcolm Lowry, Under the Volcano







& loving me is a mental health hazard, Elaine


I kept you fighting loud proxy wars of love


in supermarkets, gas stations, in bleak


all-night drugstores & police stations


in parking lots & emergency rooms








I can hear your voice in my mind


like a hiss of serotonin static


our love a limbic tinnitus


of fear & anticipation


slowly cross-fading


colourful slides


on peeling









I watched the whispering infrared lights


sunk flush in your flesh

& beaming messages


high on ionized cell fluid,


we rode the gamma ray backwards in time


past a billion battlefields of the future











Peter Bies © 2010




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