Fall-Out Shelter of My Mind

“I’m not talking mystical ‘greater awareness’. I mean complete alert awareness of what is in front of you. LOOK OUT NOT IN. No talking to SO CALLED SELF.”

— William S. Burroughs




here’s another one out of sequence

here’s totally out of synch/

rich radio static & pieces of space

& pink noise prints in negative

& trance music stirring the senses

spool it off / splice it together!

swap voices & sort out my things

as I’m going about my 1 life

in what is to be the final days of the

world as we know it & I am

the last human robot to go/ & I’ll be

leaving all of my memory

snug in my self-imposed exile/ the

fall-out shelter of my mind/

here’s a base from which to operate

/ & I’ll be leaving all of

my mind stuff well on its way to

become subject matter

of dreams, art & history/ just as

I am beginning to put

faces to the cast of characters

starring in my nightmares

& – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –









Peter Bies © 2010



2 thoughts on “Fall-Out Shelter of My Mind

  1. Just back from Paris I stumble into your great “mind stuff”.
    Greetings from Pere Lachaise, Peter.

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