Lapse of Time and Meaning

“On ne peut oublier le temps qu’en s’en servant.”

(One can only forget about time by making use of it.)

— Charles Baudelaire




time proper

& time universal

time leaps & jerks

time moves in circles

time does not flow evenly

time runs sometimes slower

and time sometimes runs faster





cyclic time

successive time

there’s a lucky time

& there’s an unlucky time

congruous & coextensive time

disruptive & discontinuous time




lapse of time

times overlap

or there may be

between them gaps

sometimes there is no time

sometimes there’s more than one




time happens when something happens

time happens after actions stop

time contracts and expands:

& my mind is drifting in a

time world of its

own as time is

ever reborn a

fresh now

at every








Peter Bies © 2010


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