Barmbek Rapid Transit


“Life is a cut-up.” — William S. Burroughs




blanked out now in a flood of

images/the languid resilience

of my loyal & absorbing brain

tissue/I’m seeking out purple

mushrooms radiant in a cold

ancient sun – like a yard wide

baneful & shapeless disquiet

I’m getting the flashforwards

from lustrous ice & alkaloids

& strobe lights: aloof & sober

premeditation of going crazy

/followed by quick death of

my mutant ego via psychotic

fast-lane two-way time traffic

/subliminal hints of the future

hear! the hum of the sentient

void! – setting the tone for my

missing cause & empathy a

deep silent shadow – where I

have fought myself to sleep,

eventually – – –








Peter Bies © 2010


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