All Time Is This Time

“In reality, there is no future.”

— Brian W. Aldiss



we’ re leafing through

the then-within-the-now:

the psychic tilt we call love

&, simmering deep in your eyes,

I can sense your guarded contempt





& imploding –


schizzy brain-nova!

& all time is this time:

the room returns to focus

trembling at the reality of it

I feel your cold dry lips on mine

& your nails dig into my shoulder

more wasted moments in a wasted life

unmarked life from which is shining forth

the incidental future of our pre-recorded fates




& a glowing fog

has settled on the city

for the seventh straight night

& I’m aware of the freeze in my veins

& of the drone of darkness –

a ruby whisper

a jealous noise

& all time is

this time









Peter Bies © 2010



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