Ghosts of Energy

“We are the ghosts of energy, let the tridents strike unsuspecting flesh!”

— Tristan Tzara, 1919


O these brittle white squiggles

among flowers of ink


floating so languidly


on sombre silence!


O the sparks that I’ve picked


on the black autumn nights


dusting with fine gold


the quivering windshield!


Ions are dancing


in a grazing frontlight –


wistful eyes towards where


the stars are sleeping!


And in the sacred neon



I was floating down the dark withered plain



among souls too pale-eyed

to know the skies,


as ghosts of energy


with soft little shivers


ooze random patterns of radiowaves


into the tide

of the night.






by Peter Bies & Arthur Rimbaud



Peter Bies © 2010



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